POINS Company Overview

A Company that has 3 long term projects, Poinsdex.com (Trading platform), poinspay.com (platform for e-commerce), & poinsku.com (Startup business Incubator)


POINS has Unique ICO, Unique Distribution, & Unique Profit Share


Get 50% Profit Share Everydays (Lifetime Passive Income),

Get 30% Extra Coins,

Get 50% Discount,

Get the 15% Referral Commision,

 Join Now!


Only requires a minimum investment of 0.5ETH, you will get lifetime passive income, 50% of the profit sharing from the company

Why you should buy PIN Coin at the ICO?

  • You will get lifetime passive income, 50% of company profit sharing from 3 platform projects : Poinsdex.com (Trading platform), poinspay.com (platform for e-commerce), & poinsku.com (Startup business Incubator)
  • You will get additional 30% extra coins when you choose distribution plus
  • You will get 50% discount
  • You will get 15% referral commission


Well, for those who are interested, here are the steps to get all of the above benefits:

  1. Please REGISTER here: http://bit.ly/poins
  2. After registering, please open your email and click the verification link sent to your email. If not found in the Inbox, please open the Spam folder/ Junk / Trash folder.
  3. Congratulations, you are one step ahead.
  4. Prepare ETH as much as possible, you can buy in Indodax or in other World Markets
  5. Please wait until October 8, 2018, when ICO Phase 1 Poins is opened.
  6. Congratulations, you will get a 50% discount. The price of 1000 PIN = 1 ETH, but you only have to pay 0.5 ETH.
  7. Congratulations, you can choose the Plus distribution menu, and you are entitled to an extra 30% bonus coin. For example: You buy 1000 PIN, then you will receive 1,300PIN.
  8. Congratulations, you can join the HAS (Hold and Share) program. The more coins you buy, the more profit you get.
  9. Congratulations, you can get lifetime passive income now, profit sharing of 50% of POINS company profits.

What are you waiting for?
Register now before anyone else takes this opportunity!






1,500,000 PIN Coin Bounties and 175,000 PIN Coin Airdrop

Youtubers and Social Media Marketers Welcome

A Big Company invites Youtubers and Social Media Marketers who want to post or promote their ICO products.

Rewards offered to reach 1,500,000 PIN Coins Bounty (equivalent to 225 ETH) for the Youtube Video Contest and Facebook Post Status Contest and reward 175,000 PIN Coin Airdrop for the first registrants.

Additional rewards for direct referral:

  • 15% affiliate commision
  • The reward of 1 ETH per 100 buyers and multiples apply (2 ETH for 200 buyers, etc)
  • The reward of 1 BTC per 1,000 buyers and multiples apply (2 BTC for 2000 buyers, etc).

Are You interested?

  1. First, Register on: http://bit.ly/poins
  2. Second, please contact via telegram to @CryptoDevMarketing for confirmation and recorded in the database. You can click this link: https://t.me/CryptoDevMarketing


This company (POINS) has 3 large and long-term projects, namely Poinsdex.com, Poinspay.com, & Poinsku.com.

The company also offers attractive business opportunities for its members and partners.


POINS Airdrop Program

Poins provides an Airdrop of 10 PIN coin for 5,000 first registrants and 5 PIN for those who successfully refer others to register at Poins.io

Airdrop claim steps:

  1. Join telegram group (choose one community, Indonesian or English). Please Screenshoot the proof that you have joined the telegram group and uploaded it to the Airdrop Configuration menu (login to your dashboard)
  2. Like, comment, share one of the official social media screenshots and upload it on the confirmation menu.
  3. Please wait until the airdrop bonus (10 PIN coin), landed on your balance.
  4. Invite your friends to do the same. You will get an additional 5 PIN (airdrop bonus) for each friend who has made an airdrop claim. Valid for the first 10 referrers who claim airdrop.
  5. The created network will continue to apply to the referral purchase during ICO


Come on, register and invite your friends to join in Poins.io immediately !

Get the airdrop bonus before the quota runs out (Limited to 5000 Members only)

Join Now here: http://bit.ly/poins



POINS Bounty Program

Total Bounty are 1,500,000 Poins Coins Bounties

Please read more details by clicking below:





POINS has Unique ICO, Unique Distribution, & Unique Profit Share

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us:

@CryptoDevMarketing (Telegram)

or you can click this link: https://t.me/CryptoDevMarketing

Get 50% Profit Share Everydays (Lifetime Passive Income)

Get 30% Extra Coins,

Get 50% Discount,

Get the 15% Referral Commision,

Get 175,000 PIN Coin Airdrop for New member Registration and Referral Registration,

Get 1,500,000 PIN Coin Bounty by Making a Video on Youtube and Post Status on the Facebook,

Sign up Now !!

Sign up Now !!

Sign up Now !!


Join Now here: http://bit.ly/poins


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