The Advantages of POINS – 3 Long Term Projects of POINS:

  1. POINS Trading Platform
  2. POINS Wallet (Payment Gateway for eCommerce)
  3. POINS Incubator (crowdfunding for the new startup project incubator)


POINS Trading Platform


With only one integrated website, you will get very wide access into the world of cryptocurrency. This will be very helpful for both beginners and experts. - PIN Coin

Very complete feature

  1. For Beginners
  • 1.1 Trading Platform

24/7 transaction services that are supported with attractive appearance and equipped with complete trading instruments. Easy to apply by beginners and experts. Supported by the mobile application.

  • 1.2 Education Video

Contains various tutorial and training videos

  • 1.3 Open an account

Beginners will easily open accounts without complicated but security is maintained.

  • 1.4 Training

We will conduct various kinds of education both online and offline, all of which will be updated in the training menu.

  • 1.5 Poins Airdrop bonus

We will give various bonuses and airdop

  • 1.6 FAQ

Questions and answers related to website services are presented here, so beginners can easily understand

  • 1.7 Starting

This menu will invite beginners to be able to start and contain several links that will be able to remind the previous menus as well as learn about various terms in the crypto world which is likely to be novice for beginners.


  1. For Experts
  • 2.1 Trading Conditions

You can see various kinds of offers, rules, and policies related to crypto trading

  • 2.2 Crypto Trading Analysis

This menu contains both technical and fundamental analysis related to crypto trading that can be used by crypto traders in making transaction decisions.

  • 2.3 Chart

Forex charts are a new instrument of modern traders because technical analysis has been easier to understand. If you have access to crypto currency charts, you will easily get all the information needed for crypto trading online, keep in mind about the latest market trends. Cryptocurrency graph quotes are updated online for all cryptocurrency listed here

  • 2.4 TV Poins

We provide TV links for you to enjoy as additional information regarding crypto world news including television interview videos.

  • 2.5 Open an account

In the menu for experts we again display the account opening submenu to make it easier to open an account

  • 2.6 Trading Platform

We also display the Trading Platform submenu to make transactions easier


  1. Promo
  • 3.1 Contest

To attract clients in following company programs, we will hold various contests that can be followed by all clients with very attractive prizes.

  • 3.2 Promo

Matrial corporate promos and winners of company promos can be seen here including all promotional activities of the company will be updated

  • 3.3 Sponsor Official

Contains cooperation activities with external parties conducted by the company related to promotion

  • 3.4 Poins Star

Everyone and also certain brands that control poins can be seen here


  1. Crypto Services

All crypto services offered in the POINS platform are presented in this section. These services develop the possibility of trading cryptocurrency significantly. Furthermore, these services make trading various pairs of crypto currencies much more efficient. The use of various crypto services is the key to successful trading for many clients

  • 4.1 Crypto Trading

Display all lists of crypto currencies that can be traded in full

  • 4.2 Client cabinet API

Prioritas POINS is providing innovative services for its customers for successful trading. The API is a library with a large function available for each POINS customer. With the new service you will be able to have the main functions of Client Cabinet on any site source

  • 4.3 Crypto System Copy

A POINS service that allows you to copy orders from successful traders even when you are away from your trading terminal. You only need a few minutes to choose a trader and assign an automatic copy of the chosen trader activity. In addition, you need a few more minutes to set up an account for others so that you can copy trades from you. You can also have the opportunity to become a trader and have a follower and make a commission on the profit you make for your followers.

  • 4.4 WebTrader

WebTrader for trading on the cryptocurrency market directly in an internet browser. This platform shares all features with standard desktop applications. WebTrader web terminal from POINS combines the latest trading developments. Apart from comfortable trading with various options, users can also keep up with the latest news and analytical comments and quotation changes in online mode. In addition, there are three modifications to the WebTrader Web terminal interface based on a different approach to trading:

  • Instrument list, trend direction, price changes for each instrument, and trader position.
  • Each instrument is attached as a tick chart. When several instruments are added, live boards announce all changes that occur in financial markets.
  • A combination of candlesticks, OHLC charts and increases from M1 to MN, as well as tick charts and information about the position of the trader from the selected instrument.


  • 4.5 Trading Investment System

Investment services trading POINS is a collective investment tool in investment service provision projects. Each POINS client will receive investment from another trader or invest funds in someone else’s account and become a shareholder in this account. POINS trading investment systems cover two categories of clients:

  • Clients register their accounts as Investors
  • Clients register their accounts as Managing Traders

Investors use the investment trading POINS system to invest funds in managing a trader’s account in order to get a share of the profits resulting from the agreement made by Managing Trader. The process of transferring investment funds is under the control of the company, after which the investor will become a shareholder in a proportional Managing Trading account for his investment. POINS companies bridge the meeting of investors and Managing Traders and as regulators while all participants of this program fully control and report all transaction activities automatically.

  • 4.6 Crypto Bot

Crypto POINS bot allows users to perform transactions automatically and allows the development of autobot techniques with API features and other supporting scrypt.

Welcome to another innovation POINS – Integrated Cryptocurrency Wallet Platform (explanation attached). This submenu will direct you to a separate innovative platform.



  1. For partners

This section is made for those who have entered into a partnership with POINS or those who are interested in becoming partners. Here, you will find complete information about how to join the POINS team as a partner. In addition, we will inform you about various forms of partnerships and ways to attract clients. There is also a Partner Cabinet in this section.

  • 5.1 How To Attract

POINS company has various ways to increase interest for its clients. Equipped with favorable and comfortable trading conditions, supported by a registration method that has the advantage of being very competitive and efficient, our company can also quickly develop concepts.

  • 5.2 Partner Website

Each partner can get a free website that is ready to use with updated content about information and company promos and campaigns; there is an access to the text of this website; admin-special panel that allows to modify the website according to the needs of each partner. To be able to work with this website, no special expertise is needed in the field of programming.

  • 5.3 Affiliate Program

Both individuals and registered institutions are allowed to become partners. For this reason, no financial experience is needed, because the way of working with partners is very clear and easy. POINS specialists will provide complete services that help you achieve your targets. The POINS affiliate program is a safer way to make money on the Internet. Most affiliate programs are based on finding and attracting new clients on the internet. The main instrument is an affiliate link to calculate the number of your referrals.

  • 5.4 Register as a Partner

POINS offers the best partnership requirements. By working with POINS you have the opportunity to provide high-level services to your potential clients, and you will get maximum profit. POINS offers the highest partnership rewards. By becoming a partner you are ready to create a website, access 24 hours to partner statistics and complete educational and advertising materials.

  • 5.5 Cabinet Partner

Partners will be provided with a special partner page to be able to control all partnership activities including seeing bonus commissions and treating potential referrals.

  • 5.6 Area Partner

The POINS affiliate program is one of the most profitable and transparent ways to generate additional income on the internet. As a POINS partner, you will get a commission from every trade made by the trader you are directing.

POINS affiliate programs are not only a source of additional income but also an opportunity to build your own business. You can start a blog about cryptocurrency, get an affiliate website ready for use, or become an official company representative in your area.

  • 5.7 Crypto Informer

Informer is a graphical element that is updated automatically, the source of continuous financial information, which is installed on the partner website. Information, which is provided on Informers POINS, is a news portal, which facilitates the placement of your website and short operational information from the world of financial markets and Cryptocurrency.

  • 5.8 Partneship

This section offers all members of the POINS a partnership partnership and achieves success with POINS.



  1. Crypto Community

This is a universal part with a large number of web resources and charts. This section is a mine of crypto-related information. Please state and exchange your idea! Large forums for traders, corporate blogs, humor and crypto portals are available for everyone.

6.1 Forum List

A list of forums is on this page, where the official POINS company is represented. You can ask in any forum or give a good answer.

  • 6.2 Company Blog

List of official POINS blogs, located on the portal owned by POINS and the public blog community.

  • 6.3 Crypto Humor

Every job, such as crypto currency trading, requires a balance between work time and free time. That is why, we must remember to spend our free time with smile and humor. However, if even resting cannot prevent you from thinking about trading, this section will help you escape reality. The Forex humor section is provided for professional humor. Here you can find jokes, various friendly cartoons, and caricatures of current events in the world of economics. Furthermore, the description of the image contains useful information.

  • 6.4 Crypto Portal

You can access all information related to cryptocurrency using this portal.

  • 6.5 Social media

All POINS community information will be shared with several popular social media applications in the community. - PIN coin


POINS WALLET is a crypto payment platform that accepts many altcoins with a flat transaction fee of 0.50% at first and will decrease in line with the number of users. This payment platform serves merchant services or anyone who sells them online. In time, the platform POINS will be integrated with popular shopping carts as plugins used by eCommerce stores. Another unique feature of POINS is that you can “pay by name”. Every merchant at POINS has an address that looks like the one registered in POINS. You send altcoins to that address to pay the merchant. POINS will be a multi-functional wallet that will be widely used and solve the transaction problems of your crypto currency. POINS user ecosystem will continue to grow and the greater the ecosystem, the use of POINS will make it easier for all your transactions. Only with one integrated wallet, POINS, the world of cryptocurrency is in your hands


POINS Wallet is a multi coin wallet that can store various kinds of altcoin. Advanced features and world-class security protected by multisignature technology from wallet POINS for our customers. Here are some of the main POINS wallet features.


This feature supports instant transfer of crypto currencies so that payments using crypto coins are faster.

POINS Freeze

You can “freeze” your coin, which means you can set the amount of time needed before you can spend it. This will lock your coins safely.

POINS Mobile App

Access your account, receive payments privately, and change coins anywhere using the mobile application available for Android and iOS.

POINS Fiatsettle

US-based and European-based traders can directly withdraw their coins directly into bank accounts.

POINS Auto Conversion

Some coins are available for automatic conversion, so you don’t need to exchange them to exchange them.


POINS wallet has a simple POS interface that allows you to receive transactions directly. - PIN Coin

POINS Incubator (POINSku)

With the opening of the POINS platform, it opens up a vast opportunity to realize the brilliant idea of ​​a startup company. Every project proposal that has been analyzed by the analyst team from POINSku in detail, then will be guided at startup in the early stages, starting from finalizing the business model, product concept to market share. This incubation program is divided into several phases, namely Ignition planting entrepreneurial mindset, workshop on debriefing basic startup skills, forming teams to make prototypes, coaching Bootcamp with mentors, publishing new coins / tokens to order, and continued Incubation coaching to be ready for launch. The POINSku platform is present to educate the public in this regard as an object of an unclear project that only focuses on raising funds without continuous clarity. All coins and tokens created through our POINS program will automatically be listed on the POINS exchange/ trade market . It is targeted that in 2020 there will be many startups that will be the solution to various problems by utilizing digital technology, especially blockchain technology.


The Advantages of POINS – 3 Long Term Projects of POINS

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