How to Buy POINS Coin in the ICO Period (Initial Coin Offering)


[ENGLISH] How to Purchase POINS Coin:

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Click the ICO menu in your dashboard

3. Fill in the order form menu, then select the payment method (ETH or BTC), and enter the amount according to the number of coin Poins you want to buy.
The number of BTC and Poins will adjust automatically.
Minimum purchase is 0.5 ETH and maximum is 10 ETH per invoice.
The maximum number of invoices is 10 invoices per day.
During ICO, the maximum purchase is 500 ETH.

4. After filling out the order form, please click the Submit Invoice menu.
then the invoice will be printed automatically and will be recorded in the transaction history in the dashboard, never sent via email.
Please make a payment according to the amount on your invoice, and plus the fees from

Invoices are only made by
Be careful, Coinpayments does not issue wallet addresses via email, but wallet addresses can be seen on the dashboard

Never make a payment from someone claiming to be from it can be ascertained that it is fraud.
Don’t care about messages sent by someone either through Telegram, Whatsapp, email, linkedin, facebook, etc
Please note that, Coinpayments never requests payment via chat and e-mail.

5. Make sure your payment accordance the purchase amount and fee.
If payment is lacking, then the payment status will be delayed, and you will be sent an email to immediately pay for the shortfall.
If you are overpaid, the payment status will be confirmed.
Please claim overpayment to get a refund via email sent by

6. Please immediately pay the invoice on the transaction menu, in your dashboard. The invoice will expire within 24 hours. If the 24-hour invoice is not paid, then your transaction will be canceled automatically and the POINS Coins (PIN) that you book will return to the ICO wallet system on the website and can be booked / purchased by someone else.

7. You cannot make transactions and print invoices again, before the previous invoice is paid.

8. Please wait, your POINS coin will be reflected into your wallet.

9. To see the payment status update, please refresh the transaction menu.

10. If you have any questions, please ask in official POINS telegram group





[INDONESIA] Cara Pembelian Koin Poins:

1. Login ke dashboard member area

2. Klik menu ICO di Dashboard member area Anda

3. Isi menu form order, kemudian pilih metode pembayaran (ETH atau BTC), dan masukkan jumlah sesuai dengan jumlah Poins coin yang ingin Anda beli.
Jumlah BTC dan Poins akan otomatis menyesuaikan.
Minimal pembelian adalah 0.5 ETH dan maksimal adalah 10 ETH per invoice.
Maksimal jumlah invoice adalah 10 invoice per hari.
Selama ICO, maksimal pembelian adalah 500 ETH.

4. Setelah mengisi form order, silahkan klik menu Submit Invoice.
Maka invoice akan tercetak secara otomatis dan akan tercatat di history transaksi di dashboard member area, Bukan dikirimkan melalui email.
Silahkan melakukan pembayaran sesuai dengan jumlah yang tercetak ditambah fee dari, Fee nya tidak boleh kurang

Invoice dibuat oleh
Berhati-hatilah, Coinpayments tidak menerbitkan alamat wallet melalui email, tapi alamat wallet langsung bisa dilihat di member area di website

Jangan pernah membayar invoice yang berasal dari seseorang yang mengaku dari, dipastikan itu adalah penipu.
Jangan diperdulikan pesan yang dikirim oleh seseorang baik melalui Telegram, Whatsapp, email, linkedin, facebook, dll.
Perlu diperhatikan bahwa, Pihak Coinpayments tidak pernah meminta pembayaran via chatting dan email.

5. Pastikan pembayaran sesuai dengan jumlah pembelian dan ditambah fee.
Jika pembayaran kurang, maka status pembayaran akan pending, dan Anda akan dikirimkan email untuk segera melakukan pembayaran kekurangannya.
Jika pembayaran lebih, maka status pembayaran akan terkonfirmasi.
Silahkan melakukan klaim kelebihan pembayaran untuk mendapatkan pengembalian/ refund melalui email yang dikirimkan oleh pihak

6. Silahkan secepatnya membayar invoice yang telah tercetak di menu transaksi, di dashboard member area.
Invoice akan kadaluwarsa dalam waktu 24 jam. Jika dalam 24 jam invoice tidak dibayar, maka transaksi Anda akan dibatalkan secara otomatis dan POINS Coins (PIN) yang Anda booking akan kembali ke dalam wallet sistem ICO di website dan bisa dibooking/ dibeli oleh orang lain.

7. Anda tidak bisa melakukan transaksi dan mencetak invoice lagi sebelum invoice sebelumnya dilunasi.

8. Silahkan menunggu hingga Poins coin Anda mendarat di wallet Anda.

9. Untuk melihat update status pembayaran, silahkan melakukan refresh di menu transaksi.

10. Jika ada pertanyaan, silahkan bertanya di grup telegram POINS



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